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TACA Committees
Most of the links below are in PDF format.  If you do not have the free Adobe Reader, click the icon to the left to download it.  Non-PDF files will be marked as appropriate.

TACA Current Committees- June 2018 - May 2019

TACA Former Committees- June 2017 - May 2018

TACA Former Committees- June 2016 - May 2017

TACA Former Committees - June 2015 - May 2016

TACA Former Committees - June 2014 - May 2015 




Committee Reports

Please open this spreadsheet and select the committee that you chair and complete the attached report. Please submit the completed report to the appropriate agent (VP or President)

TACA Committee Chairs Report

Committee Procedures

The committee procedure forms should be updated each year by the chairman of the committee. If changes are needed to your Committee Procedures form below please make the appropriate changes and email the updated form to tax_collector@coryellcounty.org

Awards Committee                                  By-Laws Committee

Comptroller Liaison Committee              Education Committee

Elections Committee                               Historical Committee

Honorary Membership Committee         Legislative Committee

Life Membership Committee                  Membership Committee

Program Committee                               Public Information Committee

Resolutions Committee                          Security Committee

TAC Representative Committee             Technology Committee

TxDMV Liaison Committee                    Regional Coordinating Committee

Site Committee

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